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. Oretachi no Sekai 2 (2009) [Nintendo DS - Deutschland]. Category:1963 births Category:Living people Category:German computer scientists Category:German inventors Category:German male writers Category:People from FuldaEstimation of soil lead bioavailability in soils of a mining area in southern Spain. Lead (Pb) is one of the most widespread toxic metals in the environment, and in soils it is mobilized by acidic pH. However, little is known about the impact of acidic pH on Pb bioavailability in soils of Pb-contaminated areas. We investigated soil Pb bioavailability in the Murcia region (Southern Spain), comparing soils with different pH and metal contamination levels. A long-term experiment, using common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) as a model plant, was performed on soils from a mining area (sub-urban), a metal-polluted one (city center), and a control area (countryside). The results showed that, for the low pH soils, the bioaccessible Pb was inversely related to soil pH and directly related to total Pb, whereas in the high pH soils, the bioaccessible Pb was directly related to the total Pb. These findings suggest that in acidic soils, Pb is mainly released as soluble, bioaccessible Pb and that in basic soils, immobilized Pb is the major form of the metal. We propose that the acidic pH of the urban soils may have caused an increase in Pb bioavailability, thereby contributing to the persistence of Pb in the human body.Q: How do I use a value for $QUERY in a Query array? How do I use a value for $QUERY in a Query array? I have a query with user input as the $QUERY and I am searching in the database with this query. However, in the database, the $QUERY's value is stored with and "`" (backtick) before and after the value. This is what I have right now: $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM comments WHERE `comment_id` = '$id'"); This is what I have in my database: ac619d1d87

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